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Coal based Powder Activated Carbon


This product is made of anthracite coal through high temperature activation. It is of black powder appearance, non-toxic and tasteless, with large pore structure. It is featured by strong adsorption ability and high wear-resistant performance.                                                                                                          

This product is extensively applied in air purification, environmental protection, power plant, electronics, petrochemical, farming, medicine, marine transportation,also applied in living water purification, gas adsorption, solvent recovery, catalyst carriers, food preservation and other fields.

Item  Unit   Value
Particle Size mesh 100,200,325
Iodine Value  mg/g  400-1000 
Methylene Blue mg/g 70-200
Surface Area   m2/g  500-1300
 Filling Density  kg/m³  0.38-0.60
Hardness  % 80-95 
Moisture  %  <5
Ash   %  <15

[Package] Packed in plastic woven bags,paper bags, 20kg or 500kg each.

[Remark]  For the quality indicators not listed, the appropriate products can be produced according to the customer's requirements.

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