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Application of coal-based activated carbon in hydrogen sulfide removal

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H2S mainly comes from the production or treatment processes of natural gas, garbage disposal stations, sewage treatment plants, paper mills, petroleum smelting plants, etc. It is a gas with a rotten egg smell that can invade the human body from the respiratory system, causing poisoning and eye damage. Stinging pain can cause tears, vomiting, and even coma. Therefore, the removal of H2S gas is of great significance. Among many treatment methods, activated carbon adsorption method is popular due to its simple process, high efficiency, and convenient operation. At the same time, activated carbon can also be used as a catalyst to convert H2S into elemental sulfur for removal. The removal effect of biological activated carbon on H2S is stable, and the removal rate is stable at more than 98%. Activated carbon adsorption catalytic oxidation technology was used to conduct laboratory simulation H2S gas removal experiments. Different forms and sources of activated carbon have different H2S removal effects. The smaller the particle size, the better the H2S adsorption performance.

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