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The rotary kiln is a large, slow-rotating cylindrical tube lined with fireclay bricks. Raw material is continuously fed from a hopper into the rotary kiln which steadily turns the carbonized material inside. As a blower forces air into the kiln, the charcoal reacts with hot steam causing the internal temperature to rise to 900-1100ºC.
The material is activated by hot steam as it moves slowly downwards. The reaction between the steam and charcoal creates pores in the internal surface area, creating more adsorptive spaces. Depending on the temperature and amount of oxygen, this process takes 25-40 minutes.
The activated carbon passes through a screw conveyor with a cooling jacket, reducing the carbon to 200ºC before it reaches the discharging pipe and drops into a cooling kiln. where it is chilled to room temperature, 30-40ºC for several minutes before being fed into a sizing machine, sorted and packed into bulk bags for storage.
Derun will produce carbons strictly as per customers’ requirements,we can use ASTM Standard,GB Standard,JIS Standard to test iodine value,moisture content,ash content,hardness,bulk density,PH,CTC value,methylene blue value,caramel decoloration content.
We can provide customers with customized services and professionally provide customers with integrated solutions.Derun will customize different after-sales solutions according to the nature and needs of different customers,track product usage in a timely manner, understand new needs of customers, and effectively solve problems encountered by customers in the process of using products.

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