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Derun Charcoal Carbon Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of activated carbon.
Derun Carbon is specialized in manufacturing, researching, deep-processing, importing and exporting of activated carbon. Main Products are: Coal based activated carbon series, wood based activated carbon series, coconut shell activated carbon series and bamoo carbon series.
Our activated carbon are available for applications including potable water,wastewater,sweetener,food and beverage,gold pick-up, pharmaceutical,injection,decoloration,desulfuration,air and gas purification,electrical area,solvent recovery.
The laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, and there is generally no need for subsequent processing.
  coal based granular activated carbon
 coal based granular activated carbon 
   Wood Powder Activated Charcoal
  Wood Powder Activated Charcoal  
   bamboo granular active carbon
  bamboo granular active carbon  
  coal based pellet activated carbon
  coal based pellet activated carbon  

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Bamboo Based Activated Carbon

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    20 years’ production experience
    Provide customized services with 15 years' export experience.
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    High production capacity
    Have 2 sets of slip furnaces,2 sets of carbonization furnaces,4 sets of activation furnaces.
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    Quality Assurance
    Have NSF,ISO,SGS,HALAL,KOSHER certificates.
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    Reasonable Price
    Low price raw materials,6 production lines, easy to provide you with the best price.

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Why Choose Coal Based Impregnate Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a versatile material widely used in various industries for its exceptional adsorption properties. Among the different types of activated carbon available, coal-based impregnated activated carbon stands out for its unique characteristics and numerous applications.

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The Ultimate Solution for Clean And Pure Water

Water is an essential resource for our survival, but unfortunately, it is not always as clean and pure as we would like it to be. Contaminants such as chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals can find their way into our water sources, posing a serious threat to our health. Thankfully, there is a rema

Principle of ozone-biological activated carbon (O3-BAC) technology and its role in water treatment

Overview of ozone-biological activated carbon technology1.1 Ozone preoxidationOzone can oxidize and decompose some simple macromolecular organic matter in water, while oxidizing organic matter that is difficult to biodegrade into small molecular organic matter, improving its biodegradability, and ma

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The Secret Weapon Against Odors And Toxins

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately regretted it because of the funky smell? Or maybe you've encountered a toxic spill and wished there was a way to magically make it disappear? Well, fear not, because coal based granular activated carbon is here to save the day!Now, I know what you're

Application of Activated Carbon Adsorption Technology in Water Treatment

Activated carbon comes in different forms, and currently granular and powdered forms are still the main ones used in water treatment. Powdered carbon is used for intermittent adsorption, that is, the powdered carbon is added to the water to be treated in a certain proportion, mixed evenly, and the c


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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