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Dehydration by Activated Carbon Gas Activation

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Activated carbon gas activation method uses oxygen-containing gas as an activator to undergo a redox reaction with carbon at high temperature to generate carbon monochloride, carbon dioxide and other hydrocarbons to remove hydrogen and oxygen atoms in carbon. The main reaction of the activation process of the zinc chloride method is completely different from that of the gas activation method. The action of zinc chloride changes the carbon activation reaction process, and the hydrogen and oxygen in the carbon are removed in the form of water instead of the usual pyrolysis reaction. Various carbon-containing organic volatiles such as acids, alcohols, and phenols are formed, and at the same time, the production of tar can be suppressed, and more carbon in the raw materials is retained. This can be confirmed from the activated carbon yield of zinc chloride. 

The general element composition of raw wood chips is: C—49.5%; H—3.3%; O—44%. The theoretical yield of activated carbon should be 49.5%. Due to the loss of some carbon due to the detachment of methyl oxygen and acetyl oxygen during the activation of wood chips, the actual yield is 35%-40%. If the carbon content in raw wood chips is 100%, the activated carbon yield of the zinc chloride method is as high as 70%-80%, and the activated carbon yield of the gas activation method is only about one-third of the zinc chloride method.

If most of the hydrogen and oxygen in wood chips are decomposed in the form of hydrocarbons or oxygen-containing organic compounds during the carbonization process, the yield of activated carbon cannot be so high, only most of the hydrogen and oxygen are released in the form of water. The facts can be explained, which shows that zinc chloride has a strong dehydration effect.

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