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How Does Powder Activated Carbon Work?

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The efficacy of powder activated carbon (PAC) lies in its high surface area and intricate pore structure, comprising microscopic voids and channels invisible to the naked eye. As the powder activated carbon interacts with a contaminated fluid, impurities are ensnared within these minuscule pores via a process known as adsorption. This mechanism facilitates the removal of a diverse array of contaminants, including odours, tastes, colours, heavy metals (e.g. mercury) and dissolved chemicals, thereby purifying the fluid stream.

Powder activated carbon (PAC) finds extensive utility across an array of industries and purification processes, owing to its versatile adsorption properties. Common applications encompass the treatment of drinking water, wastewater remediation, groundwater treatment, liquid chemicals and gas-phase purification tasks, particularly the removal of mercury, dioxins and furans in flue gas treatment systems at energy-from waste facilities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Powder Activated Carbon

The fine particle size of powder activated carbon facilitates rapid adsorption kinetics, ensuring swift and efficient contaminant removal. Powder activated carbon is different from granular activated carbon in that cannot be used in mobile carbon filters. It is designed for single-use only, meaning powder activated carbon is not a sustainable option as it cannot be recycled via thermal reactivation, unlike granular activated carbons (GAC).

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