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Industrial activated carbon application fields

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Product classification main uses:

1. Activated carbon for sugar

It is suitable for decolorizing and refining sugars such as sucrose, glucose, maltose, ribose, xylose, starch sugar, etc. It can also be used as a food additive.

2. Gold-specific activated carbon

It is made from high-quality coconut shells as raw materials, using a special activation process and post-processing such as air selection and particle blowing. It has high strength, uniform particle size, developed microporous structure, strong selective adsorption of gold cyanide complex, and easy Analysis can be regenerated multiple times and used repeatedly. It has special adsorption properties for precious metals and is used for the separation and extraction of precious metals. In gold smelting, especially the carbon slurry method and the heap leaching method, the gold extraction process has excellent results.

3. Food-specific charcoal

It is specially used to remove pigments and their precursor substances in the food brewing process. It can not only adjust the fragrance, deodorize, remove colloids and substances that hinder crystallization, but also improve the stability of the product.

4. Special charcoal for MSG

The product has reasonable pore size distribution, fast adsorption speed, good operating environment, no dust pollution, and high purity. It is mainly used in the MSG industry to fill adsorption towers for continuous decolorization of MSG mother liquor, improve the quality of MSG, and reduce the consumption of powdered activated carbon.

5. Oil decolorization carbon

This product is mainly used for decolorizing industrial oils, mineral oils, and edible oils to remove odors and gum impurities. It is widely used in liquid phase decolorization and refining in the food processing industry and chemical industry.

6. Special carbon for electroplating (powder and granular)

This product is mainly used for nickel plating, cyanide copper plating, silver plating, copper-tin alloy, HEDP copper plating, chromium plating and other metal finishing. The product has good adsorption effect, thus making the coating non-brittle and preventing the coating from blooming.

7. Special charcoal for brewing

It is produced using natural high-quality wood as raw material, through screening, grading and special carbonization, activation and other processes. This series of products has a strong specific surface area and suitable pore structure. A special active group is formed on the carbon surface. It is widely used in post-processing of wine production and is useful for removing sediments in wine (turbidity removal of low-alcohol white wine, fruit wine , beer removes pectin, protein, yeast, etc.), improves the quality of the wine, accelerates the aging of the wine, and removes odors and bitterness in the wine, etc. It has a very good effect.

8. Special carbon for solvent recovery

It is refined from selected high-quality bituminous coal as raw material. It has the characteristics of large specific surface area, developed pore structure, fast adsorption speed, and easy regeneration. It is mainly used for benzene, toluene, xylene, ether, alcohol, gasoline, trichloride, etc. Recovery of organic solvents such as methane, tetrachloromethane, acetone, etc., and recovery of hydrocarbon compound vapors.

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