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Using Coconut Shell Activated Carbon To Extract Gold

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Coconut shell activated carbon has a wide range of applications, whether it is in the field of water purification or in refining gold and adsorbing silver ions, it has a relatively good effect.


In fact, a lot of fruit shell activated carbon can also be used to extract gold. However, after testing, although apricot shell and peach shell activated carbon can be used to absorb gold, the effect is not as good as coconut shell activated carbon, and the hardness of fruit shell activated carbon is not good. Coconut shell activated carbon The production process is to first crush the raw materials, then screen them, and then process them into coconut shell gold activated carbon through carbonization and high-temperature catalytic activation.

The gold adsorption mechanism of coconut shell activated carbon can be divided into the following types: 1. In the cyanide solution, gold is adsorbed on the inner surface of activated carbon in the form of ion pairs or neutral molecules, or complex ions combine with metal ions and precipitate on the In the gaps of activated carbon, the metal ions come from the solution or the ash of activated carbon (these metal ions may be Ca, K, Na, etc.). 2.Au(CN)2- chemically decomposes to generate insoluble AuCN, which remains in the pores of the carbon. 3. Part of the gold cyanide complex is reduced to some compounds containing gold atoms with oxidation states of 0 and 1. 4.Au(CN)2- or AuCN is reduced to metallic Au.

Coconut shell gold activated carbon is mainly used to extract gold by heap leaching or carbon slurry method. Coconut shell activated carbon can effectively recover gold directly from cyanide gold-containing solution, and has good selectivity, strong adaptability and can be reused. The activity of coconut shell activated carbon is a key factor in whether it can be reused.

There are usually two methods for recovering gold from gold-loaded carbon: one is the original and simple method, which is to roast the gold-loaded carbon and smelt it at high temperature to obtain gold; the other is the conventional method, which is to use a desorption solution to desorb the gold cyanide complex. Down, and then through electrolysis and other methods to obtain pure gold. The strength of coconut shell gold activated carbon is another main reason why it is widely used for gold selection. It has good wear resistance and is not easy to be ground in the carbon slurry process. Otherwise, it will grind and become thinner and eventually lose the adsorbed gold.

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