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What is coal-based activated carbon?

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Coal-based activated carbon is a type of activated carbon prepared from coal. Coal-based activated carbon is usually produced by dry distillation or gasification of coal at high temperatures, and then activated. During the activation process, coal is reacted with media such as oxidants or steam to form a large number of micropores and mesoporous structures on its surface, thereby giving activated carbon excellent adsorption properties. Coal-based activated carbon has high surface area and porosity, can effectively absorb impurities and organic substances in gases and liquids, and has good ability to remove odors and purify air and water quality. Coal-based activated carbon is widely used in water treatment, air purification, waste gas treatment, food processing and other fields. It is an important environmentally friendly material.


Coal-based activated carbon can also exert its superpowers in various fields. For example, in the field of water treatment, it can be like a "guardian of water purification", removing harmful substances in the water, such as heavy metals, organic pollutants, etc., to make our domestic water safer and healthier; another example, in the field of air purification, It can absorb harmful gases and odors in the air, creating a fresh and pleasant environment for us.

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