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These are related to the water treatment news, in which you can learn about the updated information in water treatment, to help you better understand and expand water treatment market. Because the market for water treatment is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • The Ultimate Solution for Clean And Pure Water


    Water is an essential resource for our survival, but unfortunately, it is not always as clean and pure as we would like it to be. Contaminants such as chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals can find their way into our water sources, posing a serious threat to our health. Thankfully, there is a rema Read More
  • Principle of ozone-biological activated carbon (O3-BAC) technology and its role in water treatment


    Overview of ozone-biological activated carbon technology1.1 Ozone preoxidationOzone can oxidize and decompose some simple macromolecular organic matter in water, while oxidizing organic matter that is difficult to biodegrade into small molecular organic matter, improving its biodegradability, and ma Read More
  • Application of Activated Carbon - Adsorption of volatile organic compounds


    Activated carbon is widely used to adsorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to its high specific surface area and pore structure, which makes it an excellent adsorption material. Volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals that evaporate easily into the air and can have harmful effects on h Read More
  • What kind of activated carbon is better for sewage treatment?


    Activated carbon is used in sewage treatment, and coal-based activated carbon is the first choice. According to the use environment, coal-based granular activated carbon is selected for fixed bed equipment, and coal-based powdered activated carbon is selected for biochemical pool adsorption pool dos Read More
  • What is coal-based activated carbon?


    Coal-based activated carbon is a type of activated carbon prepared from coal. Coal-based activated carbon is usually produced by dry distillation or gasification of coal at high temperatures, and then activated. During the activation process, coal is reacted with media such as oxidants or steam to f Read More


    Active carbon in aquariums fulfills the mission of water purification. Active carbon works by adhering toxic particles from the water, so active carbon in the aquarium will allow for more crystal-clear water. Read More
  • An introduction to using activated carbon in aquariums!


    The adsorption principle of activated carbon is: A balanced surface concentration is formed on the surface of the particles, and then the impurities of organic substances are adsorbed into the activated carbon particles, and the adsorption effect is very high in the initial stage of use. However Read More
  • How Does Powdered Activated Carbon Highlight Its Advantages in Water Treatment?


    How to accurately use powdered activated carbon can make the water purification effect better and ensure its effectiveness. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the two characteristics of powdered activated carbon, you can make excellent use of powdered activated carbon.First of all, we must pay Read More
  • Activated Carbon Water Purifier Technical Parameters


    1. Filtration speed: 8-12m3/h2. Working temperature: normal temperature working pressure3. Backwash compressed air volume: 18-25L/m2.S4. Filter material layer height: 1000-1200mm, expansion rate 50%5. Backwash intensity: 9-15L/m2.S6. Backwash time: 4-6 minutes Read More
  • Application of Powdered Activated Carbon in Water Supply Treatment


    Activated carbon has a huge internal surface and pore distribution. Its outer surface area and surface oxidation state play a small role, and the outer surface provides many channels that communicate with the inner pores. The main function of the surface oxide is to make the hydrophobic carbon skele Read More
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