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  • Commonly used activated carbon decontamination techniques in water treatment industry


    1. Activated sludge method.Municipal domestic sewage is mostly treated by the activated sludge method, which is the most widely used biological treatment process in the world. It has the advantages of high treatment capacity and good effluent quality. This method mainly consists of an aeration tank, Read More
  • Activated carbon water purification effectively removes contaminants, ensuring safe drinking water


    Activated carbon, known for its exceptional adsorption capabilities, is a cornerstone in the field of water treatment, effectively eliminating a wide range of contaminants and improving water quality. Read More
  • Activated Carbon for Chlorine Removal


    Chlorine is a very important substance in the process of tap water treatment. It has a very good effect on disinfection and improvement of water quality. However, the pollution caused by excessive use and residual substances cannot be ignored. With the improvement of living standards, the awareness Read More

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