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Activated Carbon Water Purifier Application

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Activated carbon mainly absorbs organic matter and metal ions in water. It is generally used for deodorization and deodorization in reclaimed water, tap water, sewage treatment, color removal and odor removal. For drinking water, activated carbon has the effect of improving the taste of water.

The main factors affecting the adsorption of activated carbon filters:

①Properties of activated carbon adsorbent

The larger the surface area, the stronger the adsorption capacity; activated carbon is a non-polar molecule and is easy to adsorb non-polar or very low polar adsorbates; the size of the activated carbon adsorbent particles, the structure and distribution of pores, and surface chemical properties, etc. It also has a great impact on adsorption.

②Characteristics of adsorbates in activated carbon filters

Depends on its solubility, surface free energy, polarity, size and unsaturation of adsorbate molecules, concentration of adsorbent, etc.

③Ph value of wastewater

Activated carbon generally has a higher adsorption rate in acidic solutions than in alkaline solutions.

The pH value will affect the existence state and solubility of the adsorbate in water, thus affecting the adsorption effect.

④Coexisting substances

When multiple adsorbates coexist, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon for a certain adsorbate is worse than that of activated carbon containing only that adsorbate.


Temperature has little effect on the adsorption of activated carbon

⑥Contact time

It should be ensured that there is a certain contact time between the activated carbon and the adsorbate, so that the adsorption is close to equilibrium and the adsorption capacity is fully utilized.

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