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Activated Carbon for Fish Tank Purification

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Activated carbon for fish tank purification,we should pay attention to a few points

  1. Clean and remove the dust before use, otherwise the black dust may temporarily affect the cleanliness of the water quality. However, it is recommended not to flush with fresh tap water directly, because once the porous activated carbon absorbs a lot of chlorine and bleach in the tap water, it will damage the water quality when it is placed in the filter for use.

2. It is impossible to clean the clogged debris in the porous activated carbon by ordinary simple cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the activated carbon on time to prevent the activated carbon from losing effectiveness due to "full absorption". And the opportunity for replacement should not wait for it to fail and then replace it, so as to ensure that the activated carbon can continuously remove the harmful substances in the water quality of the aquarium. It is recommended to replace 1-2 times a month!

3. The power of activated carbon to treat water quality is related to its treatment dosage. Generally, "the effect of treating water quality with more dosage is relatively good."

4. After the quantitative activated carbon is used, you should always observe the changes in water quality in the early stage of use, and pay attention to the effect, as the basis for the time difference between when the activated carbon fails and is replaced.

5. When using medicines for the treatment of fish diseases, the activated carbon should be temporarily removed and the application should be suspended. Prevent the drug from being adsorbed by activated carbon and reduce the healing effect.

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