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Activated carbon for gold recovery adopts coconut-shell activated carbon

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1-Introduction For Coconut Shell Activated Carbon:

This product uses hard imported coconut shell or special charcoal as raw material, and adopts physical and chemical double activation process to produce high-activity microcrystalline structure carrier-specific activated carbon after post-processing scientific formula refining,special for gold extraction.

Activated carbon for gold recovery adopts coconut-shell activated carbon with high adsorption performance and high strength and is refined through a special treatment process. It is mainly used for gold recovery in gold mines.

Widely used in carbon slurry method precious rare metals and gold purification, pharmaceutical industry, doxycycline hydrochloride, catalyst carrier (palladium carbon, platinum carbon, tantalum charcoal, charcoal, etc.), its content can range from 5% to 15%, Acetylene can be used as a catalyst carrier by acetylene synthesis, and purification of radioactive iodine (12), xenon (Xe), and krypton (Kr) pollutants by nuclear power stations.

The special activated carbon for gold has the characteristics of uniform particle size, strong adsorption force and high wear resistance. It is suitable for modern gold mining and gold production. It is mainly used for the separation and extraction of precious metals in the gold metallurgical industry by heap leaching or carbon slurry.

Has the characteristics of strong activity, developed mesopores, high purity, low ionic ash, stable chemical properties, short hydrogenation time, high product yield and fast filtration rate.

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