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Coal-based granular activated carbon For Sewage Treatment

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Learn more about granular activated carbon:

In sewage treatment, coal-based granular activated carbon is used as a tertiary treatment method to remove dissolved organic compounds, odor-causing compounds, and trace organic compounds that may remain after primary and secondary treatment methods.

Coal-based activated carbon is a functional carbon material with a special microcrystalline structure, lush pores, huge specific surface area, and high adsorption capacity. And it is widely used in the fields of water supply, sewage treatment, and environmental engineering. At the same time, coal-based activated carbon is used as a good adsorption material in the fields of medicine, sugar, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, power plants, electronics, national defense, shipping, agriculture, clothing, food, etc. It is also the most widely used.

Coal-based activated carbon is a popular choice for sewage treatment because it is highly effective and relatively low-cost.  Its availability in large quantities makes it an ideal choice for accommodating the needs of large-scale sewage treatment facilities. Benefit from the superior performance of coal-based activated carbon and address sewage treatment requirements with reliability and affordability.

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