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How to use activated carbon for VOCs solvent recovery?

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VOCs activated carbon has a large number of pores, a large specific surface area, and a large adsorption capacity for exhaust gas, but a small adsorption capacity for water. Therefore, it is most suitable for organic waste gas purification. When the adsorption capacity of VOCs activated carbon reaches saturation, it can be recycled with steam regeneration. Useful ingredients.

Activated carbon adsorption method can effectively handle low concentration solvents and almost all solvents. Especially in the low concentration solvent activated carbon adsorption method, it can be relatively easily purified to the mg/kg level. This trend illustrates the superiority of the VOCs activated carbon adsorption method in recycling for the purpose of preventing pollution.

Principle of activated carbon for VOCs solvent recovery

Solvent recycling aims to recover VOCs waste gas through a certain recycling process, which can be reused in production, reducing air pollution and reducing production costs.

The VOCs activated carbon adsorption method is used for solvent recovery. The organic solvent vapor is passed into the activated carbon adsorption tower, and the excellent adsorption performance of activated carbon is used to adsorb and remove the organic vapor and purify the air. Activated carbon that has adsorbed saturated VOCs can be regenerated by steam, and the regenerated activated carbon can be recycled.

Activated carbon solvent recovery technology is suitable for gas recovery solvents with a solvent vapor concentration of 1-20g/cm3, and its recovery efficiency is greater than 90%; the concentration of the solvent vapor and air mixture can be maintained below the lower explosion limit, and production is relatively safe; the cost of activated carbon solvent recovery is low , simple process and wide application range.


Quality requirements for activated carbon for VOCs solvent recovery

Activated carbon is used for solvent adsorption recovery and needs to be recycled. Therefore, VOCs solvent recovery activated carbon is required to have good chemical stability, wear resistance, adsorption capacity and small bed resistance.

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