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Method for determination of iodine adsorption value of coal-based granular activated carbon

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1. Summary of the method: Add a certain amount of iodine solution to a sample of a certain mass, shake it thoroughly to adsorb it, and then use sodium thiosulfate to measure the remaining concentration of iodine, and calculate the number of milligrams of iodine absorbed per gram of the sample.

2. Instrument: Balance: sensitivity 0.0001g;

Oven: 0-200℃ electric constant temperature drying oven;

Oscillator: The number of oscillations per minute is about 240 times, and the amplitude is about 36mm;

Sampling sieve: 200 mesh;

Dryer: Built-in color-changing silica gel or anhydrous calcium chloride.

3. Determination steps: 1. Grind about 10g of the sample to the extent that more than 90% can pass through the 200-mesh sieve. After sieving, dry it at 105-110°C for 2 hours, and place it in a desiccator to cool for later use; 2. Weigh 0.5g of the sample into a dry ground-mouth bottle with a capacity of 250ml, and add 50ml of iodine standard solution with a pipette; 3. Cap the bottle, place it on the oscillator to shake for 15min, let it stand for 5minrg and filter the solution with dry filter paper. ; 4. Take 10ml of the filtrate and put it into an Erlenmeyer flask with a capacity of 250ml, add 50ml of water, and titrate with sodium thiosulfate standard solution. When the solution turns pale yellow, add 2 ml of starch indicator and continue titration until the blue color disappears as the end point.

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