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Precious Metal Carrier, Gold Purification Application Solutions

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Application Solutions

Product Advantage:

This series of products adopts high-quality raw materials and is refined with advanced production equipment and technology. The appearance is black granule, with strong adsorption performance, large specific surface area, appropriate pore structure and high mechanical strength. It can withstand high temperature and high pressure, which is not easy to break, and it has a long service life, strong adsorption performance, low impurity content and good chemical stability.  

Product Usage:

It is mainly used as a catalyst carrier (palladium carbon, platinum carbon, ruthenium carbon, rhodium carbon, etc.), acting as the catalyst carrier in the acetylene method to synthesize vinyl acetate and used for purification of precious metals and gold.

Silver-loaded activated carbon adopts coconut-shell activated carbon with high adsorption performance, which is infiltrated with silver concentrate through special processing procedures. This product has a special bactericidal effect and is mainly used in drinking water purification treatment with special requirements.

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