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Regeneration of coal-based activated carbon

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After the coal-based activated carbon is used for a period of time, the pores will be blocked due to the adsorption of pollutants, resulting in a decrease in its adsorption performance. Therefore, it needs to be regenerated to achieve the purpose of repeated use, reduce costs, and ensure the treatment effect. Currently, the commonly used activated carbon regeneration methods mainly include thermal regeneration, biological regeneration, (catalytic) wet oxidation regeneration, electrochemical regeneration, microwave regeneration, etc. Thermal regeneration method is the most widely used and mature activated carbon regeneration method in industry. It mainly uses high temperature to desorb and carbonize pollutants adsorbed by activated carbon, thereby restoring its adsorption performance. The entire process is generally divided into three stages: drying, high-temperature carbonization and activation. The activation stage is the key to the entire regeneration process. The biological regeneration method uses domesticated and cultured bacteria to degrade pollutants adsorbed on activated carbon.

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