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Spherical activated carbon can be used in solvent recovery

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Spherical activated carbon is an activated carbon with high sphericity prepared from petroleum-based asphalt. In addition to the adsorption properties of activated carbon, it also has many other characteristics, such as small particles, high filling, high fluidity, high purity, low ash, high strength, high wear resistance, and narrow particle size distribution. The inner core of spherical activated carbon can be made of inorganic materials different from the spherical shell material. The specific surface area of spherical activated carbon can be as high as 500-1000m2/g, which is conducive to giving full play to the performance of the materials constituting the spherical activated carbon. In addition, since the fluid flow channel formed between the spherical activated carbon has good hydrodynamic properties and the pressure drop of the fluid passing through the activated carbon layer is small, it is especially suitable for fixed bed gas treatment devices with a large activated carbon stacking layer in the bed.

Spherical activated carbon can be used in water treatment. Adsorption treatment with activated carbon is a branch of water treatment. With the strengthening of water pollution and related management measures, the demand for activated carbon is also increasing. In activated carbon adsorption treatment, the fluidized bed method shows excellent decontamination efficiency. Water purification plants using spherical activated carbon as the adsorbent in the fluidized bed method have been effective for more than 10 years. In addition, taking advantage of its high purity, low dust, and wear resistance, spherical activated carbon is also used in pure water manufacturing equipment and drainage treatment equipment.

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