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The Adsorption Effect And Adsorption Form of Activated Carbon

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Activated carbon is used as an adsorbent and catalyst carrier. Mainly used in deep purification of drinking water, urban sewage treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment.

The accumulation of solutes on the surface of a solid is called adsorption. The surface of activated carbon has adsorption effect. Adsorption can be regarded as a surface phenomenon, so adsorption is closely related to the surface properties of activated carbon. Activated carbon has a huge internal surface and pore distribution. Its outer surface area and surface oxidation state play a small role, and the outer surface provides many channels that communicate with the inner pores. The main function of the surface oxide is to make the hydrophobic carbon skeleton hydrophilic, giving the activated carbon an affinity for many polar and non-polar compounds. Activated carbon has surface energy, and its adsorption is caused by the imbalance of forces on the carbon atoms that make up the surface of the pore wall, thus causing surface adsorption.

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