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Top 5 Activated Carbon Suppliers in the market

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Activated carbon is an organic polymer with very high adsorption performance and can adsorb many harmful substances. It is a very effective purification material and has wide applications. Among many activated carbon brands, some brands have high-quality activated carbon products and are deeply loved by consumers. So today I will introduce to you the “Ranking of the Top Ten Activated Carbon Brands in the World”.

Calgon Carbon


Calgon Carbon Corporation, founded in 1942 and headquartered in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of coal-based granular activated carbon. In 2017, Calgon Carbon Corporation and Kuraray Co., Ltd. reached a merger agreement.

Calgon activated carbon technology is used in more than 700 applications, mainly in air purification, water treatment, food, biopharmaceuticals, gas separation and mercury removal in power plants.

Cabot Norit


Cabot Norit is the world’s largest manufacturer of powdered activated carbon and is a leader in mercury removal technology for power plants. Cabot has more than 90 years of experience in product development and production, and can produce more than 150 types of activated carbon, mainly producing powdered activated carbon (PAC), granular activated carbon (GAC) and columnar activated carbon.

Haycarb PLC


Haycarb PLC is a Sri Lankan manufacturer and marketer of activated carbon established in 1973. The company produces various types of activated carbon products, including granular, powdered, columnar carbon, etc., which are widely used in gold recovery, water treatment, sewage treatment, air purification, food processing, medicine, chemical industry, food and beverage industry and other fields. Haycarb sells its products around the world and is one of the leaders in the Asian activated carbon market.

Jacobi Carbon


Jacobi was founded in Sweden in 1916 by founder Ferdinand Adolph Wilhelm Jacobi. After years of development, it has become one of the largest activated carbon manufacturers in the world. In 2014, Jacobi Carbons Group and its 20 companies joined our Osaka Gas Chemical Group. With an annual output of 100,000 tons of activated carbon, Jacobi is the world’s largest manufacturer of coconut shell activated carbon, with 20 production bases and 5 activated carbon regeneration bases worldwide.

Donau Carbon


Donau carbon is a leading European activated carbon supplier. The DONAU CARBON activated carbon product portfolio includes a range of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades produced from raw materials such as coal, lignite, coconut shells and wood through all conventional activation processes. This enables us to meet the diverse needs of our customers, using activated carbon for odor control, natural gas treatment, solvent recovery, wastewater treatment, the food and beverage industry and many other applications.


Activated carbon is a material that plays a key role in environmental protection and industrial applications. Through this article, we gain an in-depth understanding of the world’s five largest activated carbon producers, including Calgon, Cabot, Haycarb, Jacobi and Donut suppliers. These companies not only excel in the R&D and production of activated carbon technology, but also provide high-quality solutions for a variety of applications worldwide.

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