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What are the benefits of adding activated carbon powder to biochemical pools

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The biochar method is referred to as "PACT method" or "PACSBR biochemical method", which is a professional wastewater biochemical treatment process.

Powdered activated carbon is added to the biochemical influent (or in the aeration tank) and mixed with the returned carbon-containing sludge in the aeration tank. The remaining sludge discharged from the sludge concentration tank enters the sludge dehydration device. In the aeration tank, activated sludge adheres to the surface of powdered activated carbon. Due to the huge specific surface area of powdered activated carbon and its strong adsorption capacity, the adsorption capacity of sludge is improved, especially at the interface between activated sludge and powdered activated carbon. The concentration of dissolved oxygen and degradation matrix has been greatly increased, thereby also improving the degradation removal rate of COD. Generally speaking, in the PACT system, the dynamic adsorption capacity of activated carbon adsorption treatment for COD is 100-350% (weight percentage), that is, one kilogram of powdered activated carbon can adsorb and remove 1.0-3.5 kilograms of COD. Moreover, the PACT method can deal with toxic and harmful organic pollutants that are difficult to biodegrade.


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