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What does the service life of activated carbon depend on?

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The life of activated carbon is related to the following factors:

1) What is the adsorbed substance? In liquid or gaseous state? For example, in solution, activated carbon has no adsorption capacity for hydrogen sulfide, so its life span is zero. But the gaseous hydrogen sulfide has a certain lifespan.

2) Related to the concentration and flow rate of adsorbed substances. Obviously the higher the concentration, the greater the flow, and the shorter the life.

3) It is related to the weight of the adsorbed substance that unit weight of activated carbon can adsorb. This data has a lot to do with what kind of activated carbon to choose. This data usually relies on small laboratory tests.

4) It is related to the total weight of activated carbon loaded.

5) On the premise that the filling volume is small, it is related to the contact time. The shorter the contact time, the shorter the life.

6) It is related to the content of sediment, algae, rust and other suspended solids and colloids in the raw water. These things can easily block the tiny pores of the activated carbon and shorten the life of the activated carbon. Therefore, a filter medium, such as pp cotton, must be installed at the front end of the activated carbon. Sand filtration, ultrafiltration, etc.

7) The organic matter contained in the raw water, such as antibiotics, hormones, benzene, pesticides and residual chlorine, will affect the life of activated carbon. To put it simply, these substances cause activated carbon to gradually lose its adsorption effect.

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