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What is special charcoal for coconut shell decolorization?

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Special charcoal for coconut shell decolorization is a high-end decolorizing agent made from high-quality coconut shell charcoal and undergoes a unique purification process. Its granulation and filling technology allows it to be used in a wider range, is easy to use, and does not cause pollution to the environment.

Advantages of special carbon for coconut shell decolorization

Special charcoal for coconut shell decolorization has different advantages than traditional decolorizers:

Natural and pollution-free: Made of coconut shell, no chemical ingredients, harmless and pollution-free, environmentally friendly and healthy.

Rest assured and safe: Using improved technology, it is safe, non-toxic and does not harm the human body.

Durable and efficient: Long service life. The characteristics of coconut shell charcoal determine that it has strong adsorption power and is effective in decolorization.

Widely applicable: It can be used to clean various stains such as bleached clothing, ink stains, tea stains, wine stains, coffee stains, juice stains, carrot juice stains, etc.

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