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Why can activated carbon purify water?

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Activated carbon is a porous carbon material with a very high specific surface area, which allows it to absorb various impurities in water and thereby purify water quality.


The main reasons why activated carbon can purify water include:

Adsorption: The microporous structure on the surface of activated carbon can absorb organic substances, pigments, odors and some microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in the water, thereby reducing pollutants in the water.

Chemical reactions: Activated carbon can participate in chemical reactions, such as the removal of chlorine. The chlorine in the water reacts with the activated carbon to form chloride, thereby reducing the free chlorine content in the water.

Catalysis: The surface of activated carbon can catalyze some chemical reactions, such as oxidation-reduction reactions, to further remove harmful substances in the water.

Biodegradation: The surface of activated carbon can promote the growth of microorganisms, which can degrade organic pollutants in the water and further purify the water quality. Because activated carbon has a wide range of adsorption capabilities and chemical stability, it is widely used in drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment and other fields to remove impurities in water and improve water quality.



Activated carbon has a huge specific surface area and a highly developed pore structure, which provides it with a large amount of adsorption surface area. When activated carbon comes into contact with water, its surface can absorb harmful substances such as organic matter, residual chlorine, odors, and pigments in the water.

During the contact between the activated carbon surface and the air, a redox reaction will occur and some trace amounts of new ecological oxygen (O2) will be generated. This kind of water should help purify water, sterilize, deodorize, and remove odors.

Activated carbon has high chemical stability and can work stably under different water quality and treatment conditions. It can adapt to different pH values and temperature ranges, and has a good removal effect on various pollutants in water.

Activated carbon is also easy to regenerate and recycle. Once the activated carbon is saturated and adsorbed pollutants, it can be regenerated through pyrolysis, steam regeneration and other methods to restore its adsorption performance and extend its service life.

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