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Bamboo Activated Carbon Features

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    1. Absorb harmful air:

    Bamboo activated carbon is pure natural, with many pores and rich in minerals. The specific surface area of one gram of bamboo activated carbon can reach up to 2000㎡/g, which has super strong adsorption capacity, and the microorganisms attached to the molecular surface can absorb the adsorbed Harmful substances are completely decomposed. Generally speaking, the amount of harmful gases in the home is far less than the amount of activated carbon used, so after the bamboo charcoal activated carbon for household use absorbs harmful substances, it can be used for a long time after it is often exposed to the sun.

    2. Sterilization and decomposition function:

    Generally, activated carbon only has adsorption effect, but the antibacterial effect of bamboo activated carbon is also very prominent!

    Bamboo activated carbon is pure natural bamboo charcoal before it is activated by high temperature. The CMA report data issued by the "National Environmental Monitoring Center" shows that when the bamboo charcoal with a calcination temperature higher than 1100 is broken, it is found that the section of the bamboo charcoal will have a shiny metallic luster. It is a composite crystal formed by high-temperature calcination of iron, aluminum, copper, magnesium and other minerals.

    Bamboo activated carbon retains the bamboo charcoal microcrystals of bamboo charcoal, which has a unique effect on the catalytic decomposition of organic pollutants. According to the test of the national authority, the decomposition rate of carbon crystals to DDT pesticides is over 98%. At the same time, bamboo charcoal activated carbon has a very strong ability to catalyze and decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde and toluene.

    3. The microporous structure is developed, and the adsorption is more targeted

    Bamboo activated carbon is dominated by micropores, micropores (diameter ≤ 2nm) account for up to 90% of the total pore volume, and the average pore diameter is about 1.5nm, slightly larger than the diameter of toxic gas molecules, more conducive to the adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC, bacteria and other health killers.

    4. Large surface area, stronger adsorption

    Take 1 gram of bamboo activated carbon, if it can be dissected, all the pore walls can be spread out into a plane, which can be as high as 2000㎡ (that is, the specific surface area is 2000㎡/g), and the "lung capacity" is super strong, which can absorb more toxic gases.

    5. Mineral crystals containing negative ions, leading the charcoal world

    Bamboo activated charcoal contains negative ion mineral crystals, which can release far-infrared rays suitable for human body absorption, generate slight heat in the body, promote blood circulation, improve human circulatory system, relax nerves, and eliminate fatigue! It can also shield electromagnetic waves. This kind of power is only unique to bamboo charcoal activated carbon! (Negative ions are called "air vitamins")

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