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Advantages of Powdered Activated Carbon

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Powder activated carbon is used in many fields, mainly in drinking water purification, food additive impurity removal, and decolorization of various injection drugs.

Advantage 1: Large contact area

Powdered activated carbon has strong adsorption capacity and is widely used in the tap water industry. Many people will wonder what powdered activated charcoal is made of. In fact, the raw materials are very common. They are generally made of high-quality wood chips, coconut shells, coal, etc., and are made through several processing techniques, making them have strong adsorption and decolorization capabilities.

Advantage 2: Strong adsorption capacity

Adsorption capacity is one of the advantages of powdered activated carbon. In many industries, powdered activated carbon is often used for secondary regeneration of raw materials, among which powdered activated carbon is mainly used as filtration raw material. Since many industries and enterprises have high requirements for adsorption capacity, if granular activated carbon is used, the adsorption capacity will be reduced, which is extremely inconvenient in actual use. Therefore, compared with granular activated carbon, the strong adsorption capacity of powdered activated carbon is also the reason why various industries prefer it.

Advantage 3: Fast adsorption speed

Adsorption rate is one of the main requirements for powdered activated carbon companies. During the filtration process of many raw materials, it is sometimes necessary to limit the time. Sometimes the temperature of some raw materials sometimes rises to about 70 degrees. If they are exposed to high temperatures for a long time, material loss will occur. Therefore, companies require a large amount of adsorption in a short period of time. Only powdered activated carbon can do this. Granular activated carbon adsorbs relatively slowly, so powdered activated carbon is widely used.

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