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These are related to the powdered activated carbon news, in which you can learn about the updated information in powdered activated carbon, to help you better understand and expand powdered activated carbon market. Because the market for powdered activated carbon is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • How should the materials used in powdered activated carbon be distinguished?


    Powder activated carbon should first distinguish the materials used. Powdered activated carbon is a black powder or granular amorphous carbon, mainly wood or coal. Therefore, the powder shape has a large surface area, many micropores, and strong adsorption force, and is mainly used to adsorb organic Read More
  • How Does Powdered Activated Carbon Highlight Its Advantages in Water Treatment?


    How to accurately use powdered activated carbon can make the water purification effect better and ensure its effectiveness. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the two characteristics of powdered activated carbon, you can make excellent use of powdered activated carbon.First of all, we must pay Read More
  • Advantages of Powdered Activated Carbon


    Powder activated carbon is used in many fields, mainly in drinking water purification, food additive impurity removal, and decolorization of various injection drugs.Advantage 1: Large contact areaPowdered activated carbon has strong adsorption capacity and is widely used in the tap water industry. M Read More
  • Food Grade Powdered Activated Carbon & Substances To Be Removed for Decolorization


    Oxidation products mainly come from the auto-oxidation of oils and primary hydroperoxides formed by the action of lipid oxidase. During the processing, storage and transportation of oils, these oxidation products decompose to form secondary oxides, such as aldehydes, ketones, Epoxides, etc. In addit Read More
  • Application of Powdered Activated Carbon in Water Supply Treatment


    Activated carbon has a huge internal surface and pore distribution. Its outer surface area and surface oxidation state play a small role, and the outer surface provides many channels that communicate with the inner pores. The main function of the surface oxide is to make the hydrophobic carbon skele Read More
  • Application of Powdered Activated Carbon Water Purification Technology in Water Treatment


    1 Properties of powdered activated carbon and water purification principleThrough the analysis and understanding of the properties of powdered activated carbon and the principle of water purification, it can be better used in water supply treatment, which can effectively promote the adsorption of ha Read More
  • The functions of activated carbon for alcoholic beverages


    Activated carbon for alcoholic beverages is produced using coconut shells, fruit shells, and natural pine wood as raw materials, through screening, grading, and special carbonization, activation, and other processes. The activated carbon series products for wine have a strong specific surface area a Read More
  • Manufacture 325mesh Black Powder Activated Carbon For Food Grade Additives


    Fruit juiceFor apple fruit juice, activated carbon needs to remove the basic color in the production, and requires the removal of patulin, yeast and various substances which can cause the odor in juice making. DERUN steam activated carbon can remove small impurities such as odor compounds, patulin a Read More
  • Industry Demand Analysis of Powdered Activated Carbon


    According to the different uses of activated carbon, it can be made into powder and granular. Granular activated carbon can be divided into shaped carbon (for example: columnar, spherical, etc.) and non-shaped; according to the different activators used in production, it can be divided into physical Read More

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