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Food Grade Powdered Activated Carbon & Substances To Be Removed for Decolorization

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Oxidation products mainly come from the auto-oxidation of oils and primary hydroperoxides formed by the action of lipid oxidase. During the processing, storage and transportation of oils, these oxidation products decompose to form secondary oxides, such as aldehydes, ketones, Epoxides, etc. In addition, products formed by oxidation of lipids such as tocopherols, sterols, and chromatophores must also be removed during the decolorization process.

Chromosomes are mainly various carotenoids and chlorophyll as well as gossypol in cottonseed oil. The above compounds undergo oxidation to form colored products. In addition, chromosomes interact with oxidized oils, often causing the oils to produce yellowish brown (or tan). These pigment bodies and their oxidation products can be removed through the decolorization process.

Phospholipids and glycolipids Although most of the phospholipids and glycolipids in oil can be removed through degumming, a small amount of phospholipids and glycolipids often remain in the oil after degumming, which need to be further removed through decolorization to obtain decolored oil with very low phosphorus content. (For example, the phosphorus content is less than 5ppm), suitable for further physical refining.

The processing of trace metal grease may cause trace amounts of iron, copper and other metals to enter the oil. Some greases are polluted by the environment and heavy metals such as cadmium and lead enter the oil. In addition, trace amounts of nickel agents and other substances remain in the oxidized grease. The remaining trace metals in edible oil can be removed through decolorization, which is beneficial to ensuring the stability of oil and food safety and hygiene.

Soap grease often contains certain water-insoluble metal soaps, such as calcium soap, magnesium soap, etc. These soaps are difficult to remove through washing. Decolorization methods must be used to remove these soaps, otherwise the soaps will promote oxidation and deterioration of the grease. , is not conducive to ensuring the quality of oil, and also hinders further processing and utilization of oil.

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