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How should the materials used in powdered activated carbon be distinguished?

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Powder activated carbon should first distinguish the materials used. 

Powdered activated carbon is a black powder or granular amorphous carbon, mainly wood or coal. Therefore, the powder shape has a large surface area, many micropores, and strong adsorption force, and is mainly used to adsorb organic matter. 

But also because it is powder, powdered activated carbon made from wood and coal is black, so it is difficult to distinguish them. Different materials, after all, have different densities of goods, and the effects of use are also wrong. Therefore, before using powdered activated carbon, you must first distinguish the materials used. 

Due to their different densities, two activated carbons can be placed in the same storage environment. After a period of time, two carbons of the same mass are taken. The smaller one is coal with higher density, and the larger one is charcoal. 

Powdered activated carbon is a porous adsorbent, so we should pay attention to boring storage conditions. Once too many water molecules are adsorbed, it will lose its adsorption effect. Powdered activated carbon should also avoid direct contact with goods during transportation, and powder objects should not come into contact with open flames. During use, due to the high labor intensity during loading, unloading and disassembly of powdered activated carbon, it is easy to cause dust to fly. Therefore, it should be placed gently during use and operated at a low altitude as much as possible.

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