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Manufacture 325mesh Black Powder Activated Carbon For Food Grade Additives

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Fruit juice

For apple fruit juice, activated carbon needs to remove the basic color in the production, and requires the removal of patulin, yeast and various substances which can cause the odor in juice making. DERUN steam activated carbon can remove small impurities such as odor compounds, patulin and smaller impurity molecules. For the protein material and dark color based substances, it needs chemical wood powdered activated carbon to remove.

DERUN  Carbon is engineered to capture the complete spectrum of compound contributing to undesired colors through removing high molecular weight colored bodies, dark colors, pale colors and low molecular weight color precursors.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is an important and commercial organic acid due to its application in food, medical, pharmaceutical and biodegradable material industries. Granular activated carbon (GAC) shows specific affinity towards organic acids like acetic, lactic acid and butyric acid. Innicarbon granular and powdered activated carbon is commonly used for the decolorization of extracts in the lactic acid process.


With technical development, specialized activated carbon can be used in the wine industry. Color is the most important factor in production of wine. Zhulin powder activated carbon can solve effectively and absorb macro-molecule, which will contribute to dark as well as pare colors. Besides, activated carbon also can remove organics and other contaminants in the liquid.

About beer production, activated carbon can reduce the protein content and improve the beer’s unique flavor and foaming.

Powdered activated carbon has been a great partner for adsorption requirements in the production of fine wines industry.

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