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Water treatment application solutions

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Water Treatment

Application Solutions:

Activated carbon product of water purification series adopts high-quality coconut shell, nut shell and coal as raw materials, and is refined with advanced industrial equipment and technology. It has advantages of strong adsorption capacity, large specific surface area, well-developed pore structure, high mechanical strength, easy regeneration and long service life, etc.

Product Usage:

It is especially suitable for water purification of power plants, petrochemical fields, oil refineries, food and beverage factories, sugar houses and wineries, pharmaceutical fields, electronic industry fields, textile printing and dyeing fields, water for pharmaceuticals, high pure water in electron industry, drinking water, industrial water reuse and recycling, chemical industry, advanced treatment for tap water, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, MVR condensate water treatment and other industries, which can effectively remove harmful substances such as odor and smell, chlorophenol, mercury, lead, arsenic, cyanide, free chlorine, sulfur, oils, colloid, pesticide residues and other organic contaminants in water, and improves the chrominance.  

Coal base granular activated carbon can be divided into a coal crushing and pelletized activated carbon according to different production processes. They have a wide range of granularity, strong adsorption performance, high mechanical strength and other characteristics, and are widely used in the recovery and purification of various gaseous phases, catalyst carriers, solvent recovery and water purification treatment, etc.

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