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What kind of activated carbon is better for sewage treatment?

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Activated carbon is used in sewage treatment, and coal-based activated carbon is the first choice. According to the use environment, coal-based granular activated carbon is selected for fixed bed equipment, and coal-based powdered activated carbon is selected for biochemical pool adsorption pool dosing. 


Reason 1: Treatment effect requires activated carbon for sewage treatment. Most application environments are mainly The physical adsorption function of activated carbon is used to adsorb organic molecules in sewage to achieve the purpose of degrading COD, removing color, etc. The molecular structure of this type of organic matter is relatively large, and the pore structure of coal-based activated carbon is more conducive to adsorbing these types of organic matter. molecular. However, the pore structures of activated carbon produced using different coal seams and processes are also very different. Therefore, even coal-based activated carbon should be further selected for sewage treatment to select more suitable and cost-effective coal-based activated carbon products. Activated carbon is used for sewage treatment. Activated carbon is also used as a carrier of microorganisms or strains. In the early stage, the adsorption function of activated carbon is used. In the later stage, activated carbon is used as a carrier to cultivate microorganisms or strains, and use microorganisms or strains to achieve the purpose of degrading organic molecules. In this application environment, coal-based activated carbon is more suitable. In addition to this part of the sewage treatment, due to the large molecular structure of organic matter, wood powder activated carbon is added. Because the macropores in wood activated carbon are more developed, it is beneficial to adsorption. However, currently wood activated carbon is basically produced by the phosphoric acid method, which is easy to cause Excessive total phosphorus in water quality also requires additional attention.

Reason 2 for selection: low processing cost. Due to cost reasons, coal-based activated carbon has a lower cost of use than activated carbon made of other materials.

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